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Nationality Canada Flag CAN Canada
Birth Date 06/07/1982
Gender Women
Height (m / in)  
Weight (kg / lbs)  
Events Inscribed   Aquatics Swimming Women's 50m Butterfly
Aquatics Swimming Women's 100m Butterfly
Aquatics Swimming Women's 100m Backstroke
Aquatics Swimming Women's 200m Backstroke
Member of Canada Aquatics Swimming Women's 4x100m Medley Relay

Date Venue Event Country - Name Results Status
16 Mar
SAS Women's 50m Butterfly
Heat 04
Canada Flag CAN  - STEFANYSHYN Kelly (6) 28.06 Completed
16 Mar
SAS Women's 50m Butterfly
Semifinal 02
Canada Flag CAN  - STEFANYSHYN Kelly Completed
17 Mar
SAS Women's 100m Backstroke
Heat 04
Canada Flag CAN  - STEFANYSHYN Kelly (2) 1:02.82 Completed
17 Mar
SAS Women's 100m Backstroke
Semifinal 02
Canada Flag CAN  - STEFANYSHYN Kelly (3) 1:02.69 Completed
18 Mar
SAS Women's 100m Butterfly
Heat 03
Canada Flag CAN  - STEFANYSHYN Kelly Completed
18 Mar
SAS Women's 100m Backstroke
Final A
Canada Flag CAN  - STEFANYSHYN Kelly (7) 1:02.71 Completed
20 Mar
SAS Women's 200m Backstroke
Heat 03
Canada Flag CAN  - STEFANYSHYN Kelly (4) 2:15.77 Completed

Place Of Birth Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Residence Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Coach Tom Johnson
Recent Results Canadian Commonwealth Games Trials (Nov-2005)
2nd in the 100m Backstroke (1:02.91)
1st in 200m Backstroke (2:13.67)

FINA World Championships (Montreal, July-2005)
22nd in the 50m Butterfly (27.57)
20th in the 100m Backstroke (1:03.19)
24th in the 100m Butterfly (1:01.10)
19th in the 200m Backstroke (2:15.23)
7th in the 4x200m medley relay (8:07.56)
Games History
Manchester 2002
13th in the 100m Backstroke (1:03.47)

Kuala Lumpur 1998
Silver in the 100m Backstroke (1:02.81)
5th in the 200m Backstroke (2:14.82)
Silver in the 4x100m medley relay (4:09.52)
Games History
Athens 2004
did not compete

Sydney 2000
10th in the 100m Backstroke (1:02.35)
8th in the 200m Backstroke (2:14.57)
6th in the 4x100m medley relay (4:07.55)
Injuries She has battled a shoulder problem in the past.
Other After a battle with a shoulder injury, Kelly revitalised her career by focusing on Butterfly instead of her specialty of Backstroke.

Kelly studies Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia and trains under Tom Johnson. She hopes to one day work in the sport management/special events area when she completes her studies and her career as a swimmer.

Her decision paid off at the 2005 World Trials where she surprised herself by placing second in the 200m Backstroke and earning a spot on the World Championships team.

Kelly has had the unforgettable experience of winning a gold medal in the 100m Backstroke at the Pan American games in her home pool and town of Winnipeg.

When not hard at work at the pool, you can find Kelly at the movies or getting the perfect tan at the beach.

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