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REIMER Brittany

Nationality Canada Flag CAN Canada
Birth Date 03/01/1988
Gender Women
Height (m / in)  
Weight (kg / lbs)  
Events Inscribed   Aquatics Swimming Women's 400m Freestyle
Aquatics Swimming Women's 800m Freestyle
Member of Canada Aquatics Swimming Women's 4x200m Freestyle Relay
Medals Won BRONZE Medal BRONZE -  Women's 800m Freestyle

Date Venue Event Country - Name Results Status
18 Mar
SAS Women's 800m Freestyle
Heat 01
Canada Flag CAN  - REIMER Brittany (3) 8:40.98 Completed
19 Mar
SAS Women's 800m Freestyle
Final A
Canada Flag CAN  - REIMER Brittany (3) 8:38.05 Completed
20 Mar
SAS Women's 400m Freestyle
Heat 03
Canada Flag CAN  - REIMER Brittany (3) 4:17.70 Completed
20 Mar
SAS Women's 400m Freestyle
Final A
Canada Flag CAN  - REIMER Brittany (6) 4:14.60 Completed

Place Of Birth Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Residence Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation Swimmer
Coach Bud McAllister
Recent Results Canadian Commonwealth Games Trials (Nov-2005)
1st in the 200m Freestyle (2:01.49)
1st in the 400m Freestyle (4:14.08)
1st in the 800m Freestyle (8:39.17)

FINA World Championships (Montreal, July-2005)
did not start in the 200m Freestyle
4th in the 400m Freestyle (4:07.32)
2nd in the 800m Freestyle (8:27.59)
3rd in the 1500m Freestyle (16:07.73)
7th in the 4x200m medley relay (8:07.56)
Games History
has not competed
Games History
Athens 2004
17th in the 200m Freestyle (2:01.39)
16th in the 400m Freestyle (4:12.33)
17th in the 800m Freestyle (8:41.55)
11th in the 4x100m medley relay (4:09.84)
Other Brittany is regarded as one of Canada's top young prospects in the sport of swimming, excelling in the long distance events.

She won two gold and four silver medals at the 2003 Olympic Youth Festival in Australia and the victories signified a personal breakthrough for her as previously whenever she competed at a big event for the first time, she would struggle. Her coach therefore decided to keep a list of all the swimmers she had beaten to maintain her confidence.

She blazed on to the scene in 2003 by winning four gold medals at the World Championship team trials - first in the 200, 400, 800 and 1500 Freestyles and breaking Canadian records in the 400 and 1500m. Her time in the 1500 was the eighth fastest in the world in 2003 and would have been worth sixth place at the 2001 Worlds.

That list initially included swimmers from British Columbia then national team members were added and now it contains names from powerhouses such as the US and Australia.

In 2004, Brittany competed for Canada in the 400m and 800m Freestyle events at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. At age 17, Brittany competed at her third major international event at the Worlds in Montreal in 2005.

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