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The Goodwill Initiative

What is the Melbourne 2006 Goodwill Initiative?

For the first time in the history of the Commonwealth Games, Melbourne 2006 has appointed a Goodwill Partner - leading international development and child sponsorship organisation, Plan.

The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, in conjunction with the Victorian Government and the Commonwealth Games Federation, will work with Plan to raise awareness of the issues facing developing Commonwealth nations, in particular those faced by children. The partnership will generate funds for important community development projects.

What are the objectives of the Goodwill Partnership?
  • Raise awareness of the issues affecting children in developing Commonwealth nations.
  • Encourage Australians to be a part of the solution to end child poverty by either sponsoring a child in the Commonwealth or supporting a project in the Commonwealth.
  • Educate people about Plan’s child focused development work and its relevance in creating a lasting legacy for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.
  • Create long term tangible benefits for the children of the Commonwealth.
  • Celebrate the values of the Commonwealth Games – Humanity, Equality, Destiny.
Why is Melbourne 2006 undertaking the Goodwill Initiative?
  • The role of the Commonwealth Games is to ‘…improve society and the general well being of people in member nations…’
  • The Commonwealth Games Federation is made up of 71 nations and territories representing approx.1.9 billion people. 53 of these nations are considered ‘developing’ nations, representing approx. 90% of the Commonwealth population.
  • To fully realise our vision of ‘creating long term benefits for Victorians, Australians and the Commonwealth’, the Goodwill Initiative will leave a lasting legacy for the Commonwealth through the Commonwealth Games.
  • It will help build a stronger, happier and healthier Commonwealth by raising awareness of the issues facing developing Commonwealth nations, and delivering tangible benefits to children and communities with limited opportunities.
What are the major issues affecting children in developing Commonwealth nations?
  • Malnutrition
  • Access to long term education
  • Access to safe and dependable water supplies and sanitation
  • Access to basic health care services, including immunisations
Why an international development organisation?

The international focus of the Melbourne 2006 Goodwill Initiative enhances existing Victorian Government efforts to create lasting benefits for Victorian, Australians and the Commonwealth. These include encouraging local community engagement, adopting a second team, recognition of indigenous communities, protection of the environment and education.

Now, by working with an international organisation, the Goodwill Initiative will ensure that benefits from the Games also reach communities in developing nations of the Commonwealth. Victorian communities are already establishing links with nations across the Commonwealth and Plan will help them continue these relationships for years to come.

Children are our Common Wealth

Who is Plan?
  • Plan is one of the world’s largest and most respected child focused development organisations.
  • Plan is Australia’s only non religious, non political international development and child sponsorship organisation.
  • Plan was founded in 1937 by Australian aid worker, Eric Muggeridge and English war correspondent, John Langdon Davies.
  • Plan is fully accredited AusAID Non-Government Organisation (NGO) and a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct.
  • Plan is committed to sending at least 80% of funds raised globally to support its community development projects in the field.
  • Plan works in 60 countries worldwide, supporting the needs of children and their communities in 46 developing nations. Plan has child sponsorship programs in the following 12 Commonwealth nations; Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.
  • Plan also works in other Commonwealth nations to implement specific projects.
How will the children of the Commonwealth benefit?

Child Sponsorship

Through the sponsorship of one child at least 100 people will benefit as it increases the community’s access to development projects through regular funding.

Commonwealth Projects

Plan considers the following Commonwealth development projects to be a priority.

They will provide much-needed assistance and improve the lives of children throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Africa: Reducing Community Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique and Kenya
  • Bangladesh -Community Learning Support Program
  • India – Strengthening Early Childhood Care and Development
  • Pacific – Youth Programs
Education and the Youth Media Program

Plan’s active global education and youth media program ‘Hear my Voice’ will benefit children from around the globe – including Australia. Through these programs children are given an opportunity to express their views on issues affecting their lives by creating video and radio productions that in turn educate parents, teachers and the wider communities.

How can I get involved?
  • Sponsor a child in the Commonwealth for $39 a month.
  • Make Children First! With a donation of your choice (minimum $15) to education, health or child rights.
  • Make a one-off donation to a Commonwealth project of your choice in Africa, Bangladesh, India or the Pacific.
  • Bea part of it - Plan will be holding a series of activities and events in the lead-up and during the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. Attend, participate, spread the word or volunteer.
Where to get more information?
  • Subscribe to the Plan e-zine to keep in touch with the latest news and other ways that you can be a part of building a brighter future for the children of the Commonwealth - visit Plan Australia.
  • Find out more about the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and the Goodwill Initiative at the Melbourne 2006 Website.
  • Find out more about how the Victorian Government is making the most of the Games at the Department for Victorian Communities Website.

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